The constitution of the Engineering Composite 3D project in 2009 came from the desire to meet the challenge posed by developing alternative structural solutions. Normandie Incubation followed suite initially with putting in place the EP2I at the end of 2010. The incubation started in June 2011 at the GANIL location in Caen. It allowed an increase in continual power, teamed with a reinforced of intellectual property, as well as sustained technical and technological developments. During that time, the Basse-Normandie region and the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche (ministry for further studies and research) supported the project Engineering Composite 3D, who won the competition ‘Creation of Enterprises in Innovative Technologies’ in 2011, in the Emerging category.

Engineering Composite 3D is a Start-Up created in 2013. Our company focuses on research and development of new generation three-dimensional structures, aiming to be used as core material. The singular choice to focus efforts on research around an architectural way allows a freedom from restriction on a specific material, and to decline concepts across a limitless number of segments. In this respect, the concept of products and services envisaged is dual :

– On the one hand, we offer technologic transfer of developed concepts. They all offer an improvement of mechanic characteristics compared to existing ones, allowing reduced material and weight to the end customer, and this with at least equal performance.

– On the other hand, we decline these concepts to suit in the form of research and development services, including support towards technology transfer. The objective is to optimise the incorporation the products in the applicable sector, depending on the original materials used by the customer.