EC3D is a company focussed on research and development of new generation three-dimensional structures, aimed to be used as core material. Engineering Composite 3D are specialists in this field and as such, offer its customers the best advanced concepts in terms of lightness, performance and cost.

Core materials, of which the most renowned by far is the honeycomb, are used in general within a sandwich structure aiming to increase rigidity while controlling weight.
Using the principals found in products as commonly used as honeycomb cardboard, It follows the principle of separating two skins from each other, whatever material constitutes them, using an ‘ecarteur’ called ‘core’ of the material thus created.
They are applied in an increasing number of domains and surround us daily in flat-packed furniture, doors, partition walls, and equally in more technical sectors such as wind turbines, rail, aeronautics, aerospace…

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